This series is titled “Scenes” and it has been in the works for over 3 years now, finally getting to a point to where the idea of a book or solo show is not questionable. The series focuses on the disconnect, isolation, seclusion, and stagnancy people often intentionally place themselves in - due to cultural structure, opinions, beliefs, and/or materialistic goods. This creates an individualized bubble around persons, secluding each individual rather than being a united and collaborative human race.

The series has an overall cold and emotionless feeling, as if people turn themselves off to the outside world. This is not to say that every individual is meant to interact to one another, but the structure of our current society and the direction it is moving is distancing us further and further away from each other, lessening the dependency and desire of another human being.

The concept is shown through a number of subjects, including people, inanimate objects, and mannequins. Often times, the “scenes” incorporate the idea of previous human traffic or presence, but is now empty - exaggerating the feeling of seclusion to the viewer. The photographs are weighted heavily in the center to give the most distance from the frame within the composition, as well as setting the subject directly in front of the viewer - taking the photographer out of the scene. While the focus point is continuously centered within the compositions, the surrounding area within the composition is complex with harsh diagonals and “full-bleed” style composing to eliminate redundancy and maintain movement when viewing the series as a whole.

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